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Thursday, September 6, 2012


A brief description of Cash never describes him. That's true for all of us, but especially so for him. When I am forced to say only a few words about him, I usually say he is special needs. If someone asks for more detail, I mention that he has pervasive developmental delays - both cognitive and physical, is nonverbal, and is semi-autistic (depending on who you ask). And then I always add that he is delightful. But "delightful" probably sounds like a contradiction to anyone who has just heard the first description, even though delightful only begins to touch on the complexities of his personality and his way of moving through life. At 7 years old, there is no doubt that my little kid is a pretty severely disabled person who is unlikely to ever be "normal" - but I hate even writing that word "disabled" - what I wanted to write was that he is a pretty severely challenged little guy. Challenges vs. disability, you know?

And there is so much more to him than those challenges. A few minutes ago, Mom and I were looking at a picture of him from when he was 1, and there he was - his little personality already shining through. He is charming in the most peculiar way - he is not a quick smiler, he has difficulty with eye contact, he is not a hugger - and yet - and yet - he is utterly charming. Maybe it is just because I am his mother and I am absolutely charmed by him, but I think his smile once it comes is like a reward, his eye contact when you get it is like connecting with his soul, and his hugs, even his touches, are like grace.


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