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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Peaceful (relatively anyway)

I have been struggling a bit with this blog lately. It started as a way to communicate and track Cash's progress during and after India. I think it served that purpose well, and I have certainly made it clear that I think the stem cells did very nice things for Cash. He walked after the first trip, at age 5 1/2, and he stopped needing growth hormone after the second trip. Plus I firmly believe both trips increased his communication skills and improved his cognition. I see the results every day.

But we are done with stem cells, for now at least. And Cash's day to day life these days is pretty calm. He goes to school, he does new things slowly but regularly, and he is generally healthy. Being his mom isn't just like being anybody's mom - there are still plenty of issues unique to us and/or particular to having a special needs kid (like right now I'm fighting to get Medicaid for Cash, and sometimes sadness about his condition hits me like a tank), but in a day-to-day sense, things with Cash are steady.

On the other hand, our lives in a bigger sense have been full of adventure for the last year. And I keep wanting to write about that - about the move, the new job, the trials of co-parenting, how things are with my family - but that news isn't per se about Cash, and it is probably not appropriate for a public-access blog :-) So I am thinking about retiring this space...

In the meantime, right now at this moment Cash is playing Hey Jude on his iPad (he thinks it is Hey You which I know because he always points to himself during the song) and I am getting ready to put him to bed. This morning, I woke him, and Mom and I got him ready for school. He ate Cheerios. At 7:45, he got on the bus, I went to work, and Mom went to get her new driver's license. He got home at 3:30 - his teacher reported that he has made friends with Brandon, another kid in his class, and that they laugh all day long - and I got home at 4:30. We played and goofed off, had dinner, packed his lunch, bathed, and had meds. I chased him around for a bit trying to get a good picture to post. Tomorrow we will do it again.

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