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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Deep breaths

Went to Janpath Market today and finished buying gifts to take home. This market was busy and crowded and pushier than the other markets I've been to.

Have I mentioned that Cash's breathing is better? It makes sense, since we are at a lower altitude. But there is a lot of pollution here and it doesn't seem to be bothering him. It is a tremendous pleasure not to worry about his breathing - maybe the first time in his whole life it hasn't been a concern. And he has not gotten sick since his initial bout of pneumonia, despite being exposed to a whole new country of germs.

AD thinks I should mention Hasha, Cash's OT. She is super super nice. She calls Cash "baby", as in "come to me, baby". She and Cash work on coloring and stacking and messing about with his mouth (like using honey on his lips to try to make him lick it off and thus practice small movements of his tongue). Cash likes to play with her. We are a little conflicted about whether to continue to pursue his sign language or whether to make a push for verbal language. They want us to concentrate on the verbal, and while I agree with them, it is hard not to use what we know, especially when he still doesn't act very interested in talking.

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