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Monday, January 10, 2011

The Taj

Mom and I went to Agra this weekend to see the Taj Mahal. Cash stayed at the clinic with his babysitter Nora - the drive was about 5 hours each way and I didn't want to subject him to that. He had a great time and was cheerful when we got home. (As a side note, the taxis in Delhi don't generally have seatbelts - it is amazing how quickly we adjusted to letting Cash ride around without one. In America of course, we are all horrified if kid goes 10 feet without a car seat, let alone a seatbelt.)

It was illuminating to get outside of Delhi. We went through countryside and small towns on the drive - we saw traffic jams, fields of wheat, statues of deities, garbage, colleges, women carrying huge bundles on their heads, animals of all kinds, temples, was fascinating. I got very excited about seeing my first sacred cow, and then we saw a zillion more. Apparently they rounded up most of the cows in Delhi a few years ago (you can buy milk in cartons), but there are still many outside the city.

The Taj itself was beautiful though the day was foggy. There were a ton of tourists, but it was still moving.

Cash was busy exerting his will today: no I will not take a bath, no I will not play on the computer, no I will not walk, no I will not do Physio, no I will not stick out my tongue, help me with music right now, help me with Frog right now, bring me a chip right now. Is he always like this?! 

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