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Monday, January 17, 2011

Picture this

Our day in pictures:

We wake up, eat breakfast, and get dressed while watching The Simpsons.

We check what happened in the good ole US of A while we were asleep. We read all of your emails and Facebook updates (like: Alex was born, Lenor made butter chicken, Lisa went to a special course on therapy for kids, Jenny got stuck writing the Exec minutes instead of me....)

Cash gets a shot of stem cells in the morning. Usually that's in our room, and no big deal, but today's was downstairs and Cash did not like it.

Then Cash has special needs therapy with Dr. Rahoul. Cash is now moving the mouse to color onscreen images.

Next, Cash has Physio with Donish. Per Donish, Cash's trunk strength is improving. Frog is an important part of Physio, as are chips. We are not above bribery.

After Physio, sometimes we take a quick walk out to the market. Usually, though, we hang out at the clinic, eat lunch, and watch the ward boys clean our room. Then it's time for OT with Hasha. Cash has started to use a crayon to color (I should ask Elizabeth if he was he doing that much before).

Then another session of Physio, by which time it is 3:00pm. Sometimes we spend the rest of the afternoon in the room, napping or computer-ing. Sometimes we go on small expeditions, like to the mall. Today we went on a walk to the Deer Park, where we saw this sign, and then I tried to go to yoga, but Cash started angry hopping around the room, so no yoga for me.
Dinner at 6:30, then we look for people with kitties to talk to on Skype, then bed.

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  1. People (and kitties) are here now waiting for you to wake up!