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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Thoughts on leaving

I leave in three days. I am freaking out.

I really like it here. I like India, I like the clinic. But I'm not sure being here for a long time is good for my mental health. I can't help but watch for signs of progress all the time and it can take a toll. For instance: Cash stands for 45 seconds - Yay! It's working! And then: Cash has jello legs and won't meet our eyes - Ugh, this is so discouraging and a waste of time. Next: Cash's PT tells another therapist he has Down's - WTF?! Then: Cash clearly responds to what we are saying - It's all worth it. I try to stay calm and not overreact to any one event, but the cumulative effect is somewhat wearing.

Plus I have eaten my body weight in chocolate and not had any exercise in a month.

So now I leave, and Josh and AD take over for the next month. I remain hopeful that more progress will be made. But I won't get to see it every day....

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