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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lohri Festival

The clinic celebrated some festival that we didn't completely understand tonight with a bonfire on the sidewalk out front (seriously, a big fire right on the sidewalk). Apparently the festival was "the last bonfire of winter". Because now it is going to get warm. Ha! We participated by throwing popcorn and peanuts into the fire and also eating them. It was all very amusing.

We also went to the pretty Lodi Gardens today. Mom got her fortune told - badly. And Mom has accidentally deleted all the pictures on her camera for the second time in a week.

I'm thinking I haven't really described Cash's stem cell treatment. He gets daily injections - it is usually just a quick intra-muscular shot given by his nurses in our room. Sometimes he gets a second shot in the evening, and if so, that one is usually directly into a vein. Also sometimes he gets a shot in his neck or lower back, and those are usually done in the injection room downstairs. Plus Cash has had one procedure where the stem cells were injected directly into his spinal cord - that took more time and we had to keep him flat for 4 hours afterward. I think there may be other special procedures, but that's all for us so far.

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