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Monday, November 7, 2011

A computer of his own

Well, I did it. I bought Cash an iPad this weekend. While it is true that I am on a student's budget, I decided that I could not ignore the possibility that an iPad could help Cash communicate. I bought it on Saturday and already he has shown alot of interest. He is working on sliding and tapping appropriately so far, not so much actually using the apps. But I have downloaded a few picture-based language apps and we are starting to look at them. I'm delighted to see how interested he is. Of course, Angry Birds seems to be his favorite....big surprise, given my little addiction to smooshing the piggies.

A note: the iPad is Cash's computer. I have my own computer and don't plan to use his. He can grub it up any way he wishes as long as he is using it appropriately.

I had an IEP meeting at Cash's school today with his team. It was rough.

CNN will be here in a week! Cash is getting a hair cut tomorrow to prepare for his close up. I'm hoping we can manage to keep him free of stitches and bruises to his face for 6 more days.

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