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Monday, November 14, 2011


The guys from CNN just left - they were super super nice. They filmed Cash with his teacher at school and then did an interview with me at home. I'm of course worried that I looked like an idiot. (I know Cash did fine.) They asked why we went and they challenged me on the lack of evidence for stem cell treatment. I thought everything they asked was valid, it was just hard. I cried, of course.

Do we know the stem cells worked? No. Do I fear that we are buying a modern version of snake oil? Yes. But I BELIEVE that the last treatment had some effect. I see a difference in Cash, I see a faster rate of progress. But I own that I may be fooling myself. That is a horrible thought, but I suppose I can live with it. If I am fooling myself about the efficacy of stem cells, I know I am NOT fooling myself about his continual progress and I know that he has taken me on so many adventures, of which stem cells are only one. And I think we will know more about stem cells after this next trip. Hopefully that will be because we will see even more progress...

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