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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ready to end this day

Sheesh, what a rough day. First we tried to take Cash to see Santa, but you pretty much had to commit to buying $20 worth of pictures and I was not into that for a kid who doesn't seem to care much about Santa. I was conflicted - on one hand, I wanted Cash to have the Santa experience, and I wanted to film it, but on the other hand, I felt Cash was likely to be unresponsive (or at least not $20 worth of responsiveness). I finally decided to just do it, but by that time Santa had gone on a break.

And then, this evening, Cash fell on his little round head. He was walking around the house, just doing his thing, and Aunt Dianne expressed concern about him tooling around on his own. I was like, he's fine, it's his house, he walks around by himself all the time. And then 5 minutes later, he bonks his head. Sigh. He'll have a big old goose egg on his noggin for Thanksgiving and for the departure for India. I know all kids fall when they are learning to walk, and all kids get hurt playing sometimes, but with Cash, we all try so hard to protect him, it always seems like you personally have failed when he gets hurt. Argh.

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