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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Semi-charmed kind of life

Another test tomorrow (12 lead interpretation), but a quick update:

Cash continues to explore his iPad and we continue to prepare for CNN's visit on Monday. Dad is coming this weekend and we are getting together with the whole family in Savannah in two weeks for Thanksgiving. We're busy, busy, busy.

Re: the challenges and blessings I referred to yesterday, I think the challenges are obvious. I wanted a kid so badly, and I would still trade almost anything for Cash to be "normal". But his funny little self has brought people and experiences to our lives that never would have happened if he was like everyone else. From all of his therapists to random individuals who talk to us at the mall, Cash has introduced us to amazing people. And he seems to bring out the best in people - we see their kindness and patience and love. In addition, because of Cash, we have learned sign language, gone to India, grown in our empathy for others, and had a rodeo thrown in his honor. While sometimes I struggle with changing my 6 year old's diapers or I get sad seeing what normal 6 year olds are like, I also have the joy of seeing my family rally around us and of seeing people be their best selves. I feel like we are semi-charmed - lucky and unlucky at the same time. And isn't that the way most people feel about their lives when all is said and done?

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