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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fight on

Cash seems to be getting sick. The night before we leave for Savannah to spend Thanksgiving with the family. Sigh. And right before he has to sit on a plane for 20 hours. I am just hoping he fights it off before Sunday's departure.

I've been having trouble figuring out what to film for CNN. We've done a few of Cash hanging around and I've done one bit myself with some thoughts, but it's hard to know what they want or what other people might find interesting. For instance, Cash being sick is a real part of our lives. But it is a tedious, quiet stressfulness. He has been sick so often, but it never gets old, it never becomes routine. I always watch him like a hawk, waiting for the first signs of pneumonia. You can't take him to the doctor UNTIL he has pneumonia (until then, it is always "only a virus"), but you want to get him there immediately after he has developed it. And it's not like his belly button pops out and he says "okay, NOW I've got pneumonia" - no, you just have to watch and wait while treating him with every drug you can think of to prevent progression into pneumonia. Like I said, stressful - but not good TV.

BUT- Cash hasn't had pneumonia since he got back from India last February. He got it on the way there last year, and once while he was there but not since, despite any number of colds....  !!

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