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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

More ups than downs

Cash went to Shriner's Hospital today for an orthopedic workup. It took hours - x-rays, analyses, etc. They are getting him new braces and he will start PT and OT as soon as we get back from India. The people at Shriner's seem amazingly kind and knowledgeable.

I've had kind of a down day. I think it is post-CNN plus the Shriner's appt. Both of those are very good things, but they made me focus on the tough aspects of being Cash's mom. CNN forced me anew to think critically about the decision to try stem cells (of course we thought it through very critically indeed before deciding to go in the first place) and appointments like Shriner's always affect me. I think I just need a good night's sleep because -

Aside from my little bit of melancholy, Cash is actually doing extraordinarily well. He's becoming a freak on the iPad - he goes to his favorite places with regularity and navigates around. His favorite places include the magic piano, my iTunes, Talking Tom, his pictures, and Angry Birds. He also skype'd with his dad on Sunday and did an amazing job of showing off all his signs when prompted. He has been generally responsive and demanding. He is also a little pudgy - he has been eating a ton. He is still on his growth hormone, though I am fighting hard with the insurance company to get our new prescription covered. Apparently, he even did a puzzle at school the other day. He is really doing great!

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